Why Occupy?

I am getting the impression the real reasons for Occupy Wall Street are still eluding most people, even those sympathetic. There certainly is a reason why the movement is happening now. Sure, quotes taken randomly from the millions of protestors around the world will create a subjective, disorganized narrative. But this can equally be attributed to the media’s failure to report (and their censorship of!) the most important issue at hand; namely decisions being made to extend trillions of tax dollars to privately owned corporations.

Here in Europe, more than 5 trillion will be given to banks: more than 20 times all public spending combined. In the mean time, brutal austerity measures will be enforced, cutting all social spending. We pay insanely high taxes here, and we don’t mind because it is supposed to get reinvested back into our society. This will kill the wellfare state over night, but the high taxes will remain. We will effectively be handing over a large percentage of our income to pay for interest on money we borrowed to give away as bailouts. In the US it is worse – no one even knows the exact amounts of the various bailouts. This is the central focus of OWS, participating democratically in the monumental decision facing the world economy. The #1 priority right now is not to protest the unfairness of the system in general. It isn’t about revenge against greedy CEOs making millions, or unethical corporations making billions.  It is about banks receiving over 10 trillion $ of our money worldwide, and us being excluded from the debate.

There is a reason why the occupy Movement started at this point in history, and why it chose Wall Street. This is the time and place the largest heist in the history of the world is being carried out. OWS is there to yell “Shame!” at the thiefs. The reason the media first blacked the story out, then tried to assasinate the character of OWS, is because they do not want to air the debate. The media have systematically avoided hard facts about what is happening with bailouts, and what it will mean for people’s lives. Only in countries like Spain, where the reality of what is happening – where the consequences are acutely felt – do we see huge numbers of Occupiers.

OWS is a beautiful thing for countless reasons, such as it’s nonviolence, courage and expressions of love. I think it deserves the most credit though, for being there to try to stop the biggest financial scam in history from going by unnoticed, while the vast majority of people remain unaware of both the tremendous financial threat posed by the bailouts and the growing movement to answer the threat.

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