We are the 1 %

Human beings everywhere are waking up and reacting to their own systematic victimization at the hands of a tiny minority. Those of us who recognize the threat posed by this powerful sect of our own species have labeled it “the 1%”. In terms of economics this is a fairly succinct epithet.

But life on Earth is about a lot more than human economics. Life is infinitely more valuable than money, especially the theoretical “money” created – out of nothing – by fractional banking. While recognition of our political and economic exclusion is accelerating, we are still slow to acknowledge our own complicity in the systematic marginalization of other forms of life on the planet. From the perspective of the other organisms we share the planet with, we humans are the “1%”.

In fact, to think of our all important species as 1%, would be a typically gross act of arrogance.

To use a rather objective definition of Biomass – the dry weight of the organically bound carbon in organisms – Human beings, all together, amount to about 100 billion kilograms of the Earth’s Biomass. Our domesticated animals amount to about 700 billion kg, and crops we grow to sustain ourselves and our animals amount to about 2 trillion kg. The total live biomass on earth is about 560 trillion kgs. So really, we are the “0.0179 %.”

And yet we, the barely 1% of 1% of our planet’s Life, are rapidly destroying the environments of the other 99.9821%. This puts the lovely Occupy Wall Street quote – “The World is Watching” – into a very different perspective.

The problem manifests not only in the greed of the few, but in the despair this causes for the many. The problem is not just (disgustingly) irresponsible degradation of the environment by goliath corporations, but also illegal poaching and clear cutting of forests by the destitute.

It’s as if Life on Earth has become trapped in an insane fractal. At each level a tiny % oppresses a larger group, which in turn oppresses a larger group. How did it ever come to this? I don’t know the full answer, but an important cause of this insanity is the mass delusion that money is real. When in fact it is perpetually being created from nothing. The desperate competition for it is constant, from the poorest ghettos to the top of the most wealthy corporations.

The instinctive attraction to power has always existed, in all forms of life – as part of the very duality that life is based on. Human beings are (among?!) the first organisms to develop enough intelligence look past physical, material Power – to identify it’s counterpart – the enlightenment beyond. And in this late stage of evolution, where we have developed the sophistication to reject the ancient struggles for material dominance – those who still do excercise material dominance also enjoy an unprecedented sophistication. Part of the illusion is that the primal, dark drive to acquire Power has been abstracted. Real power has obscured itself, by inventing an impenetrable layer of illusory currency.

We have been seduced into waging an ongoing battle, to prove that the illusion of money is more real than Being, Loving and Living. And humanity has been fooled into taking the wrong side in this battle, exactly because that 1 %, one level up, turns the illusion of money into a real weapon – by manipulating people into pursuing individual “wealth” – Chasing the Dragon – at the expense of Being, Loving and Living. We’ve been conned into believing that the disease is somehow the cure. When really we have 99% of real human beings around us, who can supply us with all we need, if only we would stop chasing our individual illusions. And we human beings have the other 99.99% of Life on Earth all around us, which offers our species more Wealth than it can begin to comprehend – let alone “Own”. We just need to stop spreading the Lie, and start fighting for what is Real.

Occupy The Hoot!

ShareThe 99% do all the ground pounding, while the 1% gets all the glory.
The 1%:

Get airplane rides to the fire, on the taxpayers dime
Don’t have to wear packs
Don’t have to tuck in their shirts
Are allowed to build 6 inch wide … Continue reading

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Three Card Monte

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Occupy the Pasture

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