Those Bastards! (the 1 %)

Trillions upon trillions of newly created dollars are being added to what already is the most counterfeited currency, further inflating it instantly. The people making these decisions are the same people who engineered the 2008 collapse in the first place. Why do we suddenly need all this new money? So we don’t go and get it back from everyone who stole it. So they can get away with it! Not only is the money we were cheated out of lost, the little money we are left with becomes worth less.

Gandhi nailed it: Poverty is the worst form of violence. We need to start standing up for our fellow people who have already been victimized by this form of violence, and for ourselves, AND for the younger generations. This means confronting the few who are responsible for ripping off so many, especially those who inflict this form of violence on the defenseless, like retired people who depend on pension funds which have been viciously picked apart.

But we should be careful not to start a witch hunt against the rich. Qualifying the 1% exclusively in terms of personal wealth is a wrong, and dangerous approach. The 1 % should be qualified in terms of guilt and wrongdoing. In order to be part of the enemy 1 %, you must not only be rich, you must also be a thief! That said, Wallstreet is a hell of a place to start! Who, other than the finance and banking industries, have assaulted the public good so ruthlessly, while adding so little value?

Here Wall Street ‘elites’ can be seen partying and toasting champagne, while thousands protest below. Can the Occupy Wall Street movement become big enough to wipe the smiles off of their faces?

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