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One issue that I believe should be discussed more, is fear felt by the Police. Despite (or because of) the brutality they have demonstrated, I suspect they are dealing with a lot of personal fear. Police pension funds have been robbed, just like other funds. Their kids will have to live in a world where the environment has been damaged, with some parts destroyed. Their kids will not be able to afford college, without going in debt. They will suffer from the inflation caused by the printing of trillions of Dollars of new, bailout money. They will be confronted with growing desparation and violence in the streets, as millions are forced out of homes and into poverty.

"Copping" a feel

The fears that the 99% are now reacting to (and finally applying a fight reaction to, instead of one of escapism!), apply equally to the police. Yet, they are forced to stand by decisions made in the halls of power, and act against those speaking truth to power. They are the ones who face the brunt of the force of all the individual protestors, and their occassional outbursts. Police officers have protestors screaming in their face, and the brass and politicians pushing them from the back. The 99% are spending a lot more facetime with the police, than they are with the targeted 1%.

If I was NYPD, I’d be a bit worried about the things going on in my life. It would suck incredibly, to be trapped in the increasingly marginalized middle class, while being forced to oppose those fellow Middle class people, who are resisting the marginalization. There is a class war going on. It has been going on for 30 years, and only now is the Middle Class starting to defend itself. And the police find themselves caught between sides, forced to betray the middle class, or risk losing their jobs and falling out of the middle class completely.

Clearly, some of the police violence we have witnessed has been caused by personal failures to cope with the pressure the police are under. The violence is a series of extremely stressed out moments boiling over. I can’t help but suspect that some of this stress is caused by personal reflection on what is happening. Surely some police are wrestling with the desire to “do the right thing”, and are waking up to the reality that what they are being told to do is not right. This is a realization that has dawned on quite a lot of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

In this video, a Giant Marine gives a group of police a piece of his mind. He screams at the police: “why are you hurting these people? There is no honor in that!” Why indeed, have so many fought to promote democracy abroad, only to return home to find democracy under attack in the US itself. The mammoth Marine challenges the police: “This is not a war zone, these people are unarmed!” A message to put the stress of the police, real though it may be, in some perspective. The Marine does not end the confrontation, until he is approached by a police officer who identifies himself as also having served in Iraq. Unwilling to get into it with a fellow soldier, the marine finally moves on with a parting question: “How can you allow this?”

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I hope everyone realizes what a precarious and vital group the police represent. Showing them love will make it harder for them to justify participation in repression. Getting in their faces, and calling them Nazi’s, will effectively prevent them from being able to participate with the 99%, and will force them to remain obedient to the Policy makers, the legitimacy of their policy be damned.

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  1. it is in all good concious that i agree that our brothers in blue are being hard pressed.WE are an armed society yet ive seen no breech of violent behaviour on the side of the people.WE have not shown up to do anything but exercise our legal right to assemble and be our society the law is the central issue at officers of the law i do not expect my brothers in blue to be above reproch,i demand it.willing disreguard for the wellbeing of the general public at the hands of a few does not tarnish the resolve of those noble and approately prepaired to defend the law which serves the public good.there is a general outrage against the abuse of power,and there are countless numbers of our society that have been victomised and find tolerance in the face of the disreguard for their legal rights such as the basic right to assemble and be heard intolerable.there are definate lines being drawn and every man will have to decide whare and who he will stand with.i believe i stand firmly on the side of the law ,and for what its worth i wish there was more blue on my side. in the face of deadly force we are all standing togeather,all of us.may god have mercy on us all.

    • Wendy Davis says:

      We all see what is going on. It’s been called “the Israeli-fication” of America. Well, I’ve got news for the cops. This is not Israel. Want to find the bad guys? They are not hard to find. They start wars without consideration how America will pay for it. 15 trillion dollars of debt and wars continue unabated. What good is a country, what good is all of the oil in the world when your country is indebted for the next CENTURY to an unfriendly communist nation? Democracy – you say – is what these wars are about – Well, take a look around. I don’t see democracy. I watched for decades as you dumbed down your citizens, gave them food not fit to eat, healthcare by providers in it for the cash. What will the children face in 20 years in America? Slavery? 50% taxes? Since the filthy stinking rich people create the jobs no one can find, the taxes will either come from cuts (leaving the old, poor and medically handicapped to figure it out themselves in the Land of Plenty). The multiple mansions, the high life, jetting around the globe like a rock star, the millions of dollars you are seeing the men and women in charge rack up is off the backs of the BABIES BEING BORN TODAY. And it is spreading – to Canada! This mentality is one of insanity – The leadership in North America has been brainwashed by hysterical Israelis who think bombing IRAN will result in something worth dying for! It’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed in my life. Steven Harper, Obama, Boehner, Reid, Nancy Pelosi – you are all a big DISAPPOINTMENT. Step to the side and let the REAL LEADERS who love their country (the USA and Canada) steer this ship before we end up against the rocks!

  2. If the police had a choice, most would join the cause, but they have familys, and bills too, and fear loosing their jobs. No one man is free, unless all are free. Dont be fooled, this Occupy, must turn into revolution, or nothing will change! To leave the British tyrant, we had to go to war, and this is no differant, other than the tyrnts claim to be Americans. Once again we must rid this land of slavery, and as the last time, a war will be needed. No American want to fight his fellow countrymen, but like the past, The slave leaders, will not give up their slaves, without us fighting back for our freedoms, as Americans. The 1% will not let as slave free, without action. When the American taxes, are stolen by the republicans, the the Democrats, give them more of our taxes, so they dont fail, then who is to be trusted, to repercent the people. Remember my fellow Counrtymen , that the judges are Democrats, and Rebulicans, so dont look for teit help in this just cause! Once again we are at a time, when our freedoms are at stake, and once again we Are headed to Civil War, so prepare to fight for all of those you love, because no one else will~

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