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The greatest challenge facing “the 99%” is to actually represent 99% of all people in the world. To achieve this, will require incredible restraint on attempts to define the scope of the Occupy movement. The more it attacks, the more people will oppose it. Particularly risky is defining the 1% strictly in terms of wealth. “The 99%” is only a valid slogan, when applied to opposing specific, illegal, high stakes financial fraud. A message 99% should be able to support is: “Be as rich as you want! Just please don’t steal unspeakable fortunes from us!”

The biggest hurdle in America, is the way “left vs. right” has been constructed by the corporate media. “Democracy” is the US has meant systematically polarizing the population over non-essential issues. What Occupy Wall Street seems to doing, finally, is addressing the essential issue: money! In a country where political beliefs are divided and debated in terms of gay rights, abortion and canabis legalization – questions about money somehow do not cause such polarity. Why? Becasue they are not discussed with facts. Did America have any chance to decide whether or not to issue bailouts (let alone trillions worth)? No, it was blasted through. Do Americans have any say about Military spending? Of course not, we don’t even know what geo-political strategies it is intended for, and 25% of it disappears, unaccounted for (more trillions).

The protestors Occupying Wallstreet will be painted “liberal” – if not socialist / communist. As such, something close to 50 % of Americans have been programmed to hate and attack them. They will want to stop this movement, because they fear it will advance “immoral” policy, and will only empower the real threat: big government.

I think the left and the right are at a point where they should be able to agree on about a lot, if only both sides can sweep out the distractions and trash the corporate media have polluted the debate with. Because at the end of the day, Left and Right do have an underlying argument about money – it just needs to be put in perspective. A classic left vs right debate concerns the provision of social security. What fuels the debate is disagreement about the allocation of resources – conservatives would like to keep their resources; resources are for competing over – while liberals want to make the resources available to those in need, in a noncompetitive way. Fair Enough, valid arguments all around. But what we are talking about is pennies on the dollar. Are we seriously going to fight about whether or not to give a homeless man 1 dollar, while absent mindedly handing over hundreds of dollars to the banks? Are we really going to debate the morality of homosexuality, while getting robbed?

I don’t think conservatives have any real reason to fear that the Occupy Movement wants to expand big government. What we have seen, is that big business does not even attempt to conceal its intrenchment in big government. We have seen Obama usher the traitors who ruined the economy right into the White House. The Left would increasingly like to see the whole sham packed up and shipped out. The Left’s dream, of a social welfare state, has nothing to do with this nightmare. The billions the Left wants to spend on social programs, has nothing to do with, and is nothing compared to, the trillions being syphoned from our system.

So the 99% needs to transcend the political spectrum, and appeal to much more basic, shared beliefs about “good and bad.” We should all be able to agree that financial crimes against humanity have occured, and the failure to prosecute the crimes is unacceptable – something we are willing to Occupy the World in order to demand! Communist or Capitalist, something happened to us all, something so big it dwarves our petty differences, and we need to stand up for ourselves, together.

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  1. DeVonna Bahta-Teclehaimanot says:

    It’s about time. I thought the younger generations did not know how to protest, I was wrong. This generation is going for the jugular with your protest and that is good. We also need to occupy the patent office because there are a lot of inventors out there that are broke and cannot afford a lawyer to get the patent and do the tedious search, then you need money to market your invention and you need an industry to make what ever. We need to be able to create without having thousands of dollars just to get out inventions off the ground. We are a creative people but the capitalist will only respond to their selective few. Besides having so many new grads out of work, the government decides for two years in a row not to increase the senior citizens social security, which puts us out looking for a part time job. That was something that could have been avoided. Our banks have always been manipulators, that’s how they make their money but when they goof, us 99% suffer. Our daily bread(source of income) was put on the line and now it has become extinct.More out of business and liquidation signs pepper our nations. Of course, there is no one to blame. This is due to hyperinflation of the dollar, mortgages that were not honest and greed. We do not have anyone running that knows how to fix this because America was built by the 99% and until you allow people to create, start entreprenurals and make things again, we will continue on this spin cycle. I am tired of this, its time for America to get back to being a strong work force. Our politicians should not even attempt to run for office unless they have already created X-number of jobs. They should have to qualify by being able to refer to the jobs they are responsible for that are presently in existence.

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