Police Brutality

Viral videos of police violence is what finally made it impossible for the mainstream media to continue to ignore the Occupy Wallstreet movement. In that sense, the violence served a purpose: it helped us catch the corporate media offsides. They were exposed for having blacked out what clearly was “big news.” And when they were forced to acknowledge the movement’s existence, they couldn’t conceal their irritation and tried to assassinate it’s character, calling protestors “unAmerican”, “disorganized”, “smelly” etc. The images of violence against defenseless people does not compliment the additional hostility of the news corporations: they are exposing themselves as bigger assholes than normal. Thank God they took a negative stand from day one. The more popular the movement gets the more the media embarrass themselves by attacking it. Thank God they didn’t co-opt the movement from the outset, despite a weak, delayed attempt by Obama.

We owe so much to those brave souls who took the first beatings! Their poise has meant everything. The corporate media has been drooling and foaming at the mouth to get its claws on images of protestors resorting to violence, but has been given nothing. Naomi Klein praises the Movement:

“You have committed yourselves to non-violence. You have refused to give the media the images of broken windows and street fights it craves so desperately. And that tremendous discipline has meant that, again and again, the story has been the disgraceful and unprovoked police brutality. Which we saw more of just last night. Meanwhile, support for this movement grows and grows. More wisdom.” To read more of her beautiful article supporting Occupy Wallstreet: criticallegalthinking.com


This is a great short film.  It firmly answers the question: “How full of shit are US politicians?” Marvel at the state of the art hypocrisy in the White House.

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This video shows an escalation of police violence. One photographer is taken down by police, and another comes in to take close up pictures. The second photographer is then smashed into a car, face first. The protestors are all physically non violent, but one is particularly verbally confrontational, which leads to her  being pulled across the police divide by the hair.

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This video, aired on MSNBC, is one of the very few mainstream news stories, where the actions of the police are rightfully condemned. Even so, this remains a divergence from the narrative of the revolution. It is still an example of the subject being changed, by the media corporations, to “police violence” instead of talking about what the protestors are there to talk about in the first place, like “organizing to fight greed and corruption”, for example.

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Short clip of a young man suddenly getting slammed to the ground.

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At the end of the day, the cops are part of the 99%. The poverty being forced on America will only lead to desperation and violence, with the police in the crosshairs. It will be more difficult to for them “protect and serve” the people, the worse things get. The police are under incredible pressure. It is their job to make sure ordinary folks don’t break the system. Things have gotten so twisted by the corporate coup of America, that the police now find themselves forced to protect those who have broken the system – and at odds with people trying to fix it. If possible, show the police love. Please, do not shit on them!




Updated for October 14th, 2011.

There was a lot of tension in the air about the proposed eviction of Wall Street Occupants from the encampment in Zuccotti Park at 7 am October 14th. The plan was canceled, when thousands of people poured in to make a stand. Later in the day, protestors staging a(n illegal) march, are first agitated, some beaten. The protestors are not completely “non violent” in that they decide to make a stand in the middle of the street and make physical contact with police, but they receive a response that reveals a lot of pent up anger. It is understandable that the police were first filled with adrenaline by the prospect of facing off against thousands of protestors, only to have it end in retreat and anticlimax. And then for (traffic, etc) laws to be broken in the City, outside of “Free America”, I can see how some officers may interpret that as a provocation. The end result is a continued one-sidedness of violence, this time much more public.

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