Police State

At this point (about 5 weeks into it), one of the greatest achievements of OWS has been the promulgation of information. For the first time in my life, “ordinary people” have seized control of the narrative. What OWS has to say about economics and politics sounds radical indeed, compared to the filtered, corporate media accounts. The corporate spin on reality is so entrenched, that the media is easily capable of dismissing dissenting individuals as unstable radicals. But the fact that the challenge to the corporate narrative is gaining steam and being voiced around the world, makes the movement a lot harder to marginalize.

The great achievement of smashing through the corporate censorship, and finally breaking the agonizing silence, is not limited to the voices of Wall Street Occupiers. Perhaps the most clear message to the public at large, has come from those in power. The violent and oppressive reactions to Occupy movements around the world have confirmed the very reality OWS is voicing and objecting to: we are not free. In other words, OWS has managed to flush the police state into the open, for all to see.

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