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29 Responses to Permaculture

  1. The DanghiZ says:

    Permaculture is the Set of Tools we will Need for, during, and after the Great Transition. Let Mother Nature find You Again, Plant a Tree, Compost and Recycle!

    Go Urban Permaculture!!!!

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  3. Stella Jane says:

    The three sisters are hard corn, shelling beans and winter squash. These are the survival guild or group of plants that can hep you live through times without freezing, canning, dehydrating, etc. You just bring the finished plants inside and keep dry, in shade, hung up or stored and eat them as needed. See

    Feed ALL children Educate ALL people FOOD CEREMONIES generate PEACEFUL COMMUNICATION Gather in fields: the congregation. Plant seeds: the ceremony. PRAY during the growing/watering. Share WORLDWIDE: the communion.
    Our right is to establish ideal human habitat; our DUTY for 7 generations. ALL kept as PUBLIC BENEFIT controlled only by real HUMANS, on GAIA our living planet. peace and planting our true way of life. JOIN EACH OTHER !
    WE fo’ward in dis generation, triumphantly!

  4. David & Jeannie Armstrong says:

    We wish to support Occupy Wall Street with a donation. How can we do it, please.

    • admin says:

      Well… bless you both David and Jeannie :)! I personally am not involved with any aspect of fundraising, but if you follow this link you will find several options:
      As you posted the question on the permaculture page, I assume the possibility you may want to support sustainability oriented aspects of OWS? In that case you may want to make contact with the Sustainability working group of Occupy Wall Street:
      Here is another page about different ways to help:
      I will do some more research on the ways to support OWS, and will add links to the homepage.

  5. Forest Fawn says:

    Hello Fellow Naturalist:) I’m so Happy the New Revolution is happening, and continuing! I’m a California native, who is spreading the Detailed Facts of Jets and Airplanes Spraying Harmful Emissions in our Beautiful Blue Sky’s, not only in the USA, but around the world! Start locally, with your county Board of Supervisors, for a No Fly Zone Ordinance Resolution. Citizens don’t realize, that as Rightful USA Citizens, we have the Power, and Legal Right, to not only Request this Resolution, but have done!!! Update yourself at Power to the People and Wildlife!!

    • M A says:

      OMG…finally someone actually saying something about Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (besides myself)
      I have signs in my car windows and taped to the back of my truck just to let the uninformed know. It’s amazing how few ppl know what is going on right over their heads!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Forest Fawn says:

        Hi M A, Only about 10% of the Earth’s population (including wildlife:), know of this slow Genocide that these jet emissions are doing to all of life. It started in 1989, in Southern California, when David B. Chang & I Fu Shih, (hhmm,I wonder where they’re from?), were granted a patent for stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming! I have a copy of the six page text. The materials and chemicals used are practically in all living things now! (oxides of metals, aluminum, thorium, etc.) And it even states, in the text, that a net Increase in global warming can happen! Our rights have been so violated! But remember, we still do have the Right of a No-Fly-Zone! (except of course, for passenger/commercial jets, medical/fire planes & helicopters & local pilots that just want to cruise:) The Federal Aviation Authorities must give this Ordinance Resolution for the people! Update yourself at, too! Because it’s really all of the above – with weather modification, geo engineering, testing and experimenting with warfare, including radiation, probably pharmaceutical corporations, etc. Yes, a long list! My personal thoughts are to: Live Like Forever and Truth will Endeavor! Live your Life like a Never Ending Movie! It’s the enemy that makes you old…The Power of Youth! Remember the Kid’s ~ And the Godly creatures ~ Thank You for sharing *

        • debi ginero says:

          Hi We are in the high mountains of northern spain where the crystal mountain streams tumble through our farm and the satin blue skys go on forever. We watch the sky every day as mountain weather can be harsh, changeable and dramatic. Almost every day this year starting in spring our lovely shys have been vandalized by the chemtrails in grid and criss cross patterens. They spread out join up and the tempreture drops and our sloar power shuts down ( an old system). However they have also changed in the last few months, they are heavier and lower and do not follow normal commercial flight routes. Previously we had only one or two aircraft flight paths in summer in our area, I am very sensitive to chemicals as I live in the fresh air and now do not have much to do with them, I can taste the chemicals in the air. I have also noticed that many people I know this year have suffered from a sort of rash or cold sores around thier noses sore eyes and allergies, also many many firnds have had nausia and vertigo. I belive these are symptons of toxic air when they are spaying even inside the house. I am a farmer and artist, not a scientist and this is the first mail I have ever written to anyone. What can we do I have to say I am quite frightened by the anormaty of this and the expence of the scale makes it obvious theat we are looking at a huge international plote that if it were benine would be discussed, openly debated and voted for.
          Why are people not looking up! It is so big why are we just sitting down here and letting them do it? Please excuse my spelling. regards debi ginero

  6. It’s the most natural fit in the world, but fantastic to see the concept of sustainable food as a focus for Occupy Wall Street. A huge chunk of the 99% spending goes for food and the corporate welfare plus loss of individual rights that are part of Monsanto’s stealth gmo market is a place where we can not only free ourselves from the choke hold of corporatism, but help stem the tide of illness and food allergies that these untested seeds of revenue have planted.

    Kudos, thanks and big hugs to all the foodies and fact sharing advocates who are helping to encourage the awareness we need for more healthful food and bodies and planet and economy! :~)

  7. M A says:

    This is fine unless you live in an apartment. And how about me? I live in the country and have always had a garden but over the last 10 years Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering has so limited sunlight, and caused low temperatures that I’m no longer “able” to grow enough food for just ONE person!!!!!

    • M A says:

      Not enugh sunlight…..I did everything short of knitting sweaters for my tomatoes and cucumbers this year (because the weather would dip into the 30s some nights all summer long) and still they “failed to thrive” and produced little, the (few) green tomatoes (had to be brought in green and rotted before they could ripen), and 4 small cucumbers large enough to eat, the rest were so tiny, like worms, and never grew.

      • Danghiz says:

        HI MA, Great to Hear you are growing your own food! Bummer about the changing conditions, there are some strategies you can employ to increase the chances of your veggies growing in cold conditions, if you are interested there’s a great book by Darrell Frey called “Bioshelter Market Garden: A Permaculture Farm” Where he discusses different ways to deal with low light and cold. Hope it helps! Good Luck and Keep Doing the Good Stuff!!

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  9. artistlover says:

    Time to get off the couch and on the band wagon, teach what it takes to survive without the power grid, like how to save energy (turn off lights behind you kids), water, money, how to grow our own food and to become a self providing family/nation again. The starting gun has been shot, why are most/we still standing around? Blessings/Namaste

  10. WHY ‘OCCUPY’ PUBLIC PARKS & SHORELINES For Honest Needs & Goals now?
    We’re Cooperating Together for Our deep Healthy Needs in Stressed, ‘Poor & Polluted Neighborhoods? For Social Equality honest working to improve our health & peace.
    I’ve attended 3 Occupy sites meetings in our town with dozens to 100s seeking new real democratic ways of cooperating together to fill our needs & protest the current economic corruption we all know is happening in US. Our ‘Occupy’ movement is growing so fast we can’t track it all, even with Internet connecting us in many ways from local networks to national & global reach. Many or our ‘Occupy’ places meetings, camps & co-op services are like we do at free national & Local natural ‘Rainbow Family Gatherings of living Light.
    The National & Global voluntary protesting & ‘Occupy’ Public Places in cities has grown faster nationally than any movement since anti- Vietnam War movement in late 60s. Why agree & occupy because we all know that banksters are stealing the money from taxes & billions in profits to use in secret world war games & global economic control tactics. They depend on our brainwashing for needing junk food, hi tech & toxic living treats, with protection from crime (the poor, abused & angry) for the rich owners.
    This new ‘Occupy’ cities a mostly ‘peaceful movement’ also stems from ‘Greenham’ Common’ women’s cooperative peaceful camping ‘occupation’ for months around a big military base in UK decades ago by mostly women agreeing on their occupying land, minimal needs, peaceful goals & tactics, with simple (imported) life-supports for camping out by cooperating daily in dozens of ways. Of course they debated & argued to reach agreements & consensus about proceeding in peace.
    Each new ‘Occupy’ camp, march & protest in US cities has a local base of agreement, & many wildly creative & some conflicts, we try to agree & cooperate together. But the element of anarchy freedom pervades & becomes angry protest sometimes. 1000s of abused suffering & mad people lash out at authorities now, after suffering abuse before in families & groups. Our ‘Occupy’ demonstration & camps stem over a century of with mass protests & even shooting & killing by police, & assassins, even burning homeless & jobless camps in US 1930s depression.
    Why Occupy our parks & shorelines seem obvious to us simple living, jobless & homeless people needing to cooperate, protest the current war economy & reduce our consuming, wasteful & sickening lifestyle needs. So many public parks are perfect place in our neighborhoods to meet, organize & camp out for continuing presence, grouping & cooperating together how-ever we agree on ways to reach our goals. So being in parks we simplify our natural daily needs by sharing food, space, tools & children together, like a cooperative portable village. Its fun consciously learning showing how simple we can live together with common needs, goals & respect for our innate freedoms & equality. But most American don’t know what real simple equality is here now, like civil rights’ an abstract need, or protesting for something we lost, but unaware of practicing in families, schools business & military under authority structures & orders to obey or else. Both majority & consensus work in democratic meetings making agreements to cooperate, having social equality, respect &honest feedback for changing them as needed & agreed on by our majority.
    Also we’re learning how mass media from phones to TV to Internet all influence us to not cooperate face to face. But our Occupy movement is exception to meet & inspire us together, discussing, agreeing & cooperating on shared needs goals, tactics way to realize our potentials now. Were recreating the American dream of local hand, hearts & heads communicating openly, deeply trusting our truth will prevails as we recognize natural ways, needs & instincts together. So of like natural scouts camping out but more open to cooperating from organized present public dialog toward filling our needs equally.
    We’re using technology to help us, but learned (thanx McLuhan) that mass media expands & restricts our natural needs for communicating together here now cooperating as we agree on needs. Technology also uses up, wastes & trashed our natural environment, so we need more simple organic ways of meting, growing food, getting water & making our shelters simple, easy, strong, portable & comfortable & healthy.
    Beside the threat from profitable & toxic waste of our economic structures & taste we’ve grown up under 100 fears of natural, instinct6ual, ope4n & deep communications, nature, people, emotions & germs & dangerous technology. But those normal fears become good habits for protection against fearing 12 epidemic fears of dangers of: bad weather, crime, enemies, accidents, insanity, bacteria, police/arrest, dirt, crying, pain & free public loving. We’ve lost site of & need for natural living in social equality, deep peace, organic health & sharing in cooperative family, schools, business & neighborhoods. So like in 1030s we get a economic disasters, multiple wars, Wall St crimes, diseases, pollution needy poverty & Occupy movement to join, share & wake up our human nature for sharing, with mutual respect now.
    Back to public parks & spaces: Occupy is the most usually Peaceful voluntary community action for our civil rights, economic justice & fair & honest government, like our Constitution & Bill of Right demands, works for honest responsibility in governments based on local human need we share openly & fairly. Not the corporate interest in national security’ another double think term for total control with $ as bribe & threats of poverty, foreclosure (stealing homes), bankruptcy & crimes. There’s so many normal crimes against our honest safe & fair democracy now including parents, teachers, & politics & jails punishing people for natural needs, denying civil-rights & fair treatment. However many new Occupy movement groups are working peaceful enuf with respect, equality & agreements with most the police around them. And gaining support, sympathy & help from locals identifying with our goals, needs & ways of demonstrating peacefully, minus a few violent ragers seeking revenge against authorities we can understand, but don’t agree on or approve of hurting others with hate, threats or attacking.
    One rather secret dimension is how our economy is out-sourced to China, SE Asia, Korea, Middle east & the 100 military bases in other nations, controlled by the military in those countries. We can ‘t stop that is too far away, so our Occupy movement is raising awareness of democracy in our communities & nationally & globally over the internet. We are so inspired now Occupy is growing faster locally than all the media can report on, with internet connecting us locally also!
    In our local Public Parks (our Commons) is the best space for organizing our protests, healthy needs for gathering & sharing resource, even recycling & gardening there. Simple honest local dialog, debating for agreements to cooperate for trusting how gather & sharing how we need now to live in peace, harmony & doing conflict resolution as needed for peacemaking. We also like singing together in groups to opening our hearts agreeing songs as millions do daily, in church & concerts for joy & dancing together & playing with children whose heart & bodies are present with our native instincts to cooperate as we need now & change them. We learn by working & playing together & alone when relaxed in harmony with others & Nature.

  11. Jeff Thomas says:

    Thank you for this blog! I am helping out with Occupy Eugene, OR … we have some pedal power happening, but need a greywater system badly. A big problem we have is keeping the cheese and meat out of the compost. Any thoughts on this? We are composting it off-site, but the community garden we are using for composting insists we keep it free of meat and dairy, justifiably so. Without constant compost policing I am not sure how to accomplish this, besides having a vegan camp, which would be fine with me.

    • Danghiz says:

      Hi Jeff! Great TO Hear About your activities! To My Knowledge there is no Simple Natural Way to Seperate The MEat and DAiry. I know Meat and Dairy Products Break down more slowly than most other Organic Wastes, If you’re extremely creative you could do something with this 🙂 I would create seperate bins, with some way to ENSURE the person tossing their waste KNOWS what they are tossing and In WHich bin they toss it, perhaps this would create The incentive to construct a more elaborate Organic Waste Disposal structure, perhaps one that explains composting, the importnace of giving back to the soil and one that States your Need to Seperate the Meat and Dairy from the Rest. As far as I know antibiotics and hormones decompose and are neutralized like all else in the compost, and the meat and dairy break down into basic organic building blocks as well, what is the reasoning behind keeping the meat and dairy out? Well Hope this helps at all, Good Luck and keep the good work up!!

      • crowjoy says:

        Not sure how practical it is at your site, but a few chickens in the compost will eliminate all of the meat and cheese very quickly.

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  14. Jamie says:

    Learning about Homesteading, Permaculture and Herbal Medicine will change the world and help people become more self-sufficient. Way to go!

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  16. gan says:

    Would you guys be interested in working on an ‘Occupy Gardens’ National Day of Action in Spring? Some ideas are already forming. If so, get in touch with OWS Arts & Culture Working Group. You guys are awesome.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    I just skimmed through and wish I had seen this discussion when it was active. It sounds as if the grey-water and other permaculture elements were developing very fast at OWS before the city smashed the camp. I hope this activity can resume again (and the camp in general).

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