Occupy Wall Street

Here is a nice video of the movement Occupy NYPD HQ Plaza on the 30th of September 2011. Ironically it was filmed by Fox News, while so called “liberal” television media have blocked the stories out. Try to find something about the protests on Fox’s website, for example. The protest is in response to the police brutality against peaceful demonstrators. It is unfortunate that police brutailty is what made the Occupy Wallstreet movement finally gain exposure: the movement should have received recognition for it’s message, not for the attacks against it.

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This young man’s speech is something of an instant classic: “End The Fed!”YouTube Preview Image


‘We’ve all gotten along as one big family. And that’s what we want for the rest of the country. All the people who are suffering, in debt, all the people who can’t speak for themselves or are too afraid to voice their opinion – we are here fighting for their rights. Because that’s the only reason we became Marines, so we can defend our people and our country. And I’m gonna do it till the day it’s over.”

America owes these Marines three thank you’s. Thank you for fighting for America in the Military. Thank you for protesting the sham wars and bailouts. And thank you for telling Sean Hannity to Fuck Off!

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  1. Monika Weitkamp says:

    99% – coming from Germany it reminds me very much of “wir sind das Volk” meaning “we are the people”. It is history, what you are doing!

  2. M. Benny says:

    The only way to neutralize corporate campaign contributions made possible by the “Citizens United” is to campaign to place “none of the above” on the ballot. If “none of the above” receives the most votes, qualifying would be reopened and the the present candidates would be ineligible including the incumbent.

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