Occupy Oakland

Because I used to live in Oakland as a kid, or perhaps simply because I am a human being, it is very upsetting to see what was done to peaceful protestors in Oakland yesterday. Millions were spent on assembling a strike team from 10 police departments to ambush a peaceful march, while in the mean time the city of Oakland plans to close down 5 schools as part of budget cuts. The peaceful protest was turned into a scene from a war movie by the police, who fired flash grenades, teargas canisters and, rubber bullets and bean bags from shotguns directly at protestors.

In the video below Scott Olson can be seen carried off in a semiconscious state. The ex-Marine was shot in the head, presumably with a teargas canister, and is unable to answer basic questions about who or where he is. He is awaiting surgery for a fractured skull at Highland. He’s a member of Iraq Vets Against the War. This despite claims by the Oakland police that no one was injured. 24 year old Olson was opposed to the Iraq wars even before his first of two tours of duty in 2006. His roomate, who is also a member of Iraq vets against the war, said “It’s terrible to go over to Iraq twice and come back injured, and then get injured by the police that are supposed to be protecting us.”

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