Occupy Portland

“Who’s Streets?” “Our Streets!) Occupy Portland Begins October 6 2011

It isn’t clear how many people participated in Portland on day one – estimates of 10 000 seem average. Either way: a lot of people showed up. It’s a shame the quality of this video of the march on day one, shot from above, isn’t of better quality. Then again, the graininess protects anonymity 🙂

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This somewhat chaotic amateur documentary captures some good images and gives a short summary of the scene in Portland on day 1. There are some onlookers who seem to be completely taken by surprise by the protest, and a few peculiar interviewees.

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Protestors are enclosed within fences during a marathon. Runners are treated to a view of fellow human beings herded like cattle. An outrage! This clip from a local news station raises another interesting point: how should the movement fund itself? This is one of many questions the leaders who emerge from the movement will need to answer.

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