Hugs in England ♥

Hugs in England ♥

This video is from England. It show’s how England is changing, but also clearly illustrates how much more freedom has been lost in the USA. What I love about the video, is that the speaker is allowed by the police to articluate their shared humanity. In the end, this is what needs to happen – we need the police to be on our side as much as possible.

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  1. Karen Leach says:

    Go for it guys! I absolutely agree with you all – Wall Street has so much to answer for. Nothing is too big to fail… natural disasters happen to clean everything out to be able to start new growth again….

    Wall Street really needs to be stopped now to clean the whole thing out so that we know where we actually are, so that we can go forward safely out of this mess, ensuring that that those who are or were responsible for this mess PAY BACK the money they took. When Lehman went down, when Northern Rock went down, when RBS went down, when, when, NOBODY paid. How do we live with all those Chair people receiving £700k per year ‘early retirement’ payments forever (many of them are in their 50’s) when the rest of us get maybe a few hundred pa or nothing….. how do we accept this? No person seems to be accountable for funning these places… why?

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