Bill Mollison

– Bill Mollison Permaculture Design Course 1983 –

“Hunger is rising, absolute hunger is rising, food’s badly distributed, not distributed at all often. The waste of food, the whole deal of it….its eh, a shocking situation, it’s just inhuman. It’s what nobody would intend, and somehow what we’ve arrived at, and we arrived at it by the erection of financial structures, totally divorced from resources. So that the fiscal economy has been a runaway system. We’ve gotta tackle that head on. That is, what I’m trying to tell you, it’s no good any longer just being an organic gardener or farmer, we have to be effective financial and political units. And we’re gonna have to face that. Just as it was very hard for us to learn to garden, then hard for us to learn to collect seeds, once the multinationals took over the open-pollinated seed market; we had to become seed growers. Now its very difficult, we have to become bankers. There’s no good trying to pretend we don’t have to. We can run away to the bush, build a mud hut and grow ducks in the garden, it’s not gonna do it. The coals will still be burnt, the land will still be eroded, and the forests will still be cleared for newsprint if we run away to the bush. So, there’s no escape, we’ve just gotta stop running away, stay where we are and start to face up and fight.”

That was said 28 years ago! And it takes the words out of my mouth today. And breaks and fortifies my heart at once. The permaculture movement has been inspired by the kind awareness of reality that is finally spilling over, onto the streets. Permies have had a lot of time to figure out solutions for the challenges we face.

Mollison’s words are heartbreaking because they arrive so clearly from the past, calling for the moment we are finally having. Through time, from a younger Earth, whose Oceans were not yet as full of plastic, radioactive or infused with oil. Trillions had not yet been stolen from us, and a perverted war had not yet been declared on terror and privacy. America wasn’t publicly torturing. We had a lot more ozone layer. We had much more Rain forest left. And so many more Polar Bears.

At the same time, his words fill the heart with the kind of hope that is tangible, that electrifies the body and gives the spirit real strength. Because the words have hovered in space, to reach us at this perfect time, to assure us that what we are doing is right. Mollison and so many great men have been waiting for decades for the a spark to finally catch. The work they have done, and the great things they have achieved are of infinite value to those who are only now realizing changes to our lifestyles need to be made. In quintessentially human style, we procrastinated. We knew we needed to get started, but we didn’t. When a universally recognizable symbolic spark failed to appear, eventually someone lit himself on fire. And everyone realized it was last call. We are finally snapping out of our personal preoccupations and distractions, to address our collective deadline.


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  1. Patricia Miller says:

    For those who survive, it will be the “Gospel of Mollison”; these words are a prophetic bridge to our future survival.

  2. Dear 99 Percents,
    I am Hosein Abbasi working in research group of IRNA news agency.
    I have some questions about your movement for Occupy Wall Street.
    As our people are interest for the news of your movement but they don’t have enough information about the details of reasons of your movement and the economic recession in U.S. and cause of your protest.
    (Please each one of your experts, activists and knowledgeable people send ideas and answers to our email address.)

    -If it is possible explain for our readers about this movement, aims and your opinion about its effects in future?
    -Why do you choose Wall Street as your goal? And tell us about its (W.S.) role in corruption of west economy and creation of current bad conditions?
    -What is the role of giant international companies and MNCs in exploiting the world?
    -What do you think about problems that tax laws in west especially in U.S.A. have created? I heard that Rockefeller in 1960s have spent only 700 dollars as wealth tax. Is it true and why it happens?
    -Don’t you think independence of countries Central Banks make worse the world economy? And what is the role of banks? Is this word true that “only establishing a bank has more money than stealing”?
    -Most experts believe that Capitalism is responsible for the current recession and it reached to its end. What’s your idea?


  3. dIve read back to the beginning of this Nation from different authers, and beleive me this 1% problems was ther then. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, so lets stop this insanity, and stand up for your fellow countrymen, for unless we protest, and make all aware, or the injustice of this land, not by outsiders, but rather from those, are foolish enough to believe, that they too are American. to be American is easy, respect your fellow countrymen, dont steal from him, and most importantly to love this Nation, we call home. All tyrants hold on to power, only as the masses alow them to, but then one day, the masses are hungrey, and such, and decided this has to end. Well my fellow Countymen that day has come, so lets band togather, and end this tragedy.

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